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Sydney, November 15, 2016 - IGT and Maxgaming announce that the IGT Megabucks Gold statewide link jackpot has been won at Rooty Hill RSL. The lucky winner hit the jackpot of $343,893.49 on Monday evening, 14 November 2016.

The newly introduced Megabucks Gold statewide link jackpot hit the market just weeks ago and is now one of the best performing games1 according to Maxgaming's performance reports.

In the latest report (06/10/16 - 05/11/16), Megabucks Gold is performing at 1.79 xthe denomination average1 across multiple venues at over $4,360 average daily turnover1.

Importantly it's delivering twice the performance of the previous Megabucks product, demonstrating the new product's strong player appeal with multi-games and multi-denominations.

IGT unveiled the new Megabucks link - Megabucks Gold - at this year's Australasian Gaming Expo in response to customer demand, with the new product offering four games with multiple denominations from 1c to $1.

The total amount that has been won on the Megabucks link is now over $12 million in first-level and second-level statewide linked jackpot prizes. It's worth noting that over $7m has been won in the $1,000+ Grandbucks jackpots which is the second level statewide linked jackpot - which generates excitement in venues while the huge Megabucks main jackpot builds.

Originally launched with Maxgaming in October 2014, IGT's Megabucks Gold statewide link has the industry's largest jackpot amount - which starts off at $250k - with an expected jackpot prize average of approximately $292k. There are now over 100 clubs and 350 machines on the state-wide link across New South Wales, and the jackpot has been rapidly incrementing, reflecting the huge success of the Megabucks concept.


© 2016 IGT (Australia) Pty. Limited.  All trademarks and registered trademarks are owned by IGT (Australia) Pty. Limited or its related entities. All information featured herein is subject to change without notice.  Game type availability is subject to jurisdictional approval. 1. Based on IGT analysis of Maxgaming Reports -  Best new games, clubs, in last four weeks (report dates: 06/10/16 - 05/11/16) Megabucks Gold: 1.79 x 1c denom T/O ratio and top game in 1c denom - also has an ADT of $4,361.87 making it top 3 in terms of ADT in 1c - 26 EGMs installed in clubs.