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TITO is a solution for inserting, printing and redeeming tickets from machine to machine.

How does TITO Work?

  • Players insert cash into the gaming machine and begin to play
  • When the player is ready for a break or want to finish, they press COLLECT and a ticket is printed with the collected credit amount.
  • This ticket is then either:

a) Inserted into another TITO machine via the bill acceptor for continued play OR

b) Redeemed for cash at a cash redemption machine or cashier station.

What can TITO do for your venue?

TITO provides:

  • Increased game floor performance - decreases number of hand pays resulting in longer periods of gaming machine operation
  • Increased customer service levels - reduced time at cashier stations and easy transition from one gaming machine to another or to break-out areas.
  • Increased security - cash clearances from gaming machine are no longer required or minimal
  • Reduction in cash handling errors
  • Increased efficiency - manual processes such as hand pays are automated freeing up floor staff
  • Useful information reports.

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